High speed combined with special detergents creates heat that burnishes a glossy and highly resistant coating on the floor. Analyses have shown that clean and shiny floors are one of the most decisive criteria for retail customers. Our range includes a ride-on battery burnisher for covering up to 3,500 m² per hour of high shine floors with built-in dust collectors.

Advance offers a complete line of burnishers available in cord-electric, propane, and battery powered sources. Rely on Advance burnishers for all of your burnishing needs.

Whirlamatic™ 20 Plus

The Whirlamatic 20 Plus 1500 rpm burnisher gives floors a mirror-like shine in one 20 in (51 cm) pass. A number of design features boost performance output to 10,000 square feet (925 m2) an hour… high quality results in a very short time.


Whirlamatic™ 20 UHS

For superior performance, durability and simple operation, depend on the Whirlamatic 20 UHS. This 20 inch (43 & 51 cm) cord electric burnisher gives floors a mirror-like shine in one pass. Incorporated into this burnisher are performance features that ensure maximum productivity.


Whirlamatic™ VS20 & 20UHSB

Put a hard, high-gloss shine on large-area floors in a hurry with the Whirlamatic VS20 or 20UHSB battery-powered burnishers. These high-production models shine a 20 inch (51 cm) path at a rate of 27,000 square feet (2,500 m2) per hour, saving time and money.



The Advolution™ 2710 rider burnisher makes the tedious task of burnishing clean, quick, and comfortable with superior results. Battery-operated, with a maneuverable front steering system, the Advolution 2710 eliminates the emissions and noise associated with propane burnishers.


Whirlamatic™ 20 Ultra

At 2000 rpm, the Whirlamatic 20 Ultra can give your floors a mirror-like shine in one pass. And unlike other burnishers that adjust pad pressure with a front-mounted caster, the Whirlamatic 20 Ultra uses a gas shock.


Whirlamatic™ Pro 21 / 24 / 27

The Advance Whirlamatic™ Pro series propane burnishers will make your floor “POP”. Propane burnishing is the most productive form of burnishing in terms of time and shine.