No Rinse / No Scrub Liquifying Stripper

A 55% active speed stripper that easily cuts through multi-layers of burnished floor finish. This “true” no rinse stripper does not contain potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, yet, is the fastest working liquifier on the market. Low foaming, no scrub and no rinse features make this product a must for all professional floor care systems.

Environmentally Responsible Rinse Free Speed Stripper

This highly effective, odorless stripper immediately liquifies floor finish on most resilient surfaces. This product is super concentrated and does not contain caustics, 2-butoxyethanol, Nonylphenol Ethoxylate Surfactants or ammonia. This high performance stripper is environmentally responsible.

Floor Finish Liquifier

Re-emulsifies all floor finishes in minutes without the use of conventional stripping machines and pads. Just pick up the liquified floor finish with a mop or wet-vac. Provides savings in labor and equipment.

Floor Finish Solubilizer

A unique floor finish re-emulsifier and extra heavy duty stripper, designed for use in heavy build-up areas that have been high speed burnished. Can be used with either the machine-scrub, or no-scrub techniques.

Intensive Speed Stripper

Exceptional performance, exceptional labor saving value! SUPER-SONIC is a breakthrough formulation for all floor stripping applications. Utilizing exclusive AST™ technology, this product liquifies floor finish build-up with unbeatable speed! It may be used with hot or cool water on vinyl composition tile, vinyl tile and other resilient floors. SUPER-SONIC™ is also ideal for terrazzo and many other non-resilient surfaces.