Extended Performance Floor Finish

Extend Stripping Cycles from 18 to 36 months.

24/7 is a new, highly advanced floor finish with a superior "off-the-mop" initial gloss. This ultra-high solids formula provides exceptional film clarity, repels soils and scratches, and extends the time between stripping cycles from 18 to 36 months.

High Performance Floor Finish

A 20% sealer / finish designed for tough wear and exceptional gloss. Utilizing MPS77 Advanced Technology, ASCEND provides a rapid, dramatic wet-look gloss, suitable for high speed and UHS maintenance procedures. A superior value for your floor finish investment. Classified by Underwriters Laboratories® for slip resistance

Environmentally Responsible Metal Free Floor Sealer/Finish

This is a technologically advanced “non-zinc” sealer/finish. It produces an immediate wet look gloss and is buffable with a 175-2000+ RPM equipment. This unique formulation does not cause sewage effluent problems.

This product does not contain heavy metals, environmentally toxic preservatives or Nonylphenol Ethoxylate Surfactants. This extremely low odor formulation combines environmental responsibility with high performance.

Wet Look Premium Grade Floor Finish

Deep wet look thermoplastic floor finish. Fast drying, highly buffable, easy leveling, excellent flexibility. A must for high speed and conventional floor care systems. Designed for ease of application by any personnel.

Brilliant Gloss / Ultra Wear Floor Finish

A proprietary blend of synergistic polymers provides uncompromised benefits of immediate wet look gloss and outstanding wearability, rapid drying, enhanced leveling and superior repairability. Designed to be used with any speed and type floor maintenance program

Static Dissipative Floor Coating

The most advanced polymer floor coating to effectively control electrostatic discharge (ESD) on all hard surfaces. Contains ZoranTM, an NCL exclusive, which is essential in the dissipation of charges form static electricity. NO-ZAP was developed to meet the demanding needs of the electronic, microchip and telecommunications industries. This premium, high solids floor finish can be maintained with a variety of methods, and is formulated to be extra durable, resist marking, and produce an immediate wet-look gloss.

Labor Saving Sealer / Finish

ONE represents a true advance in floor finish performance. This super high solids formula produces unmatched “off-the-mop” gloss with extended gloss retention. Utilizing exclusive MPS77 Polymer Technology, this superior floor coating will produce maximum gloss with fewer coats than conventional floor finishes. Combination sealer / finish saves product costs. Exceptional response to UHS burnishing.

Super High Gloss Floor Finish

Premium grade 25% non-volatile solids floor finish that provides a bright gloss in one coat. Outstanding wear and appearance with a minimum of maintenance. Pure thermoplastic. High speed buffable.

Advanced Floor Coating

Uniquely versatile floor coating that exhibits excellent leveling, fast drying and a “wet look” appearance. An extra durable film gives this product wearability advantages and can be maintained with low speed, conventional, high speed and ultra-high speed maintenance procedures.

Low Maintenance / High Traffic Floor Finish

A dazzling achievement in floor care technology. This premier high solids floor finish offers the highest initial application gloss and exceptional wear, especially in high traffic areas. With UHS maintenance, this product produces a deep wet look gloss.

Gloss Restorer

A revolutionary product that renovates floor finish and restores floors to maximum gloss…like magic! Especially selected polishing agents and cleaners help to remove scratches and scuffs from floors while rejuvenating the floor to a brilliant lustre. Saves labor; extends scrub / strip cycles. A must for every high speed / UHS Burnishing Floor Care program!

Wet Look Floor Finish

Deep wet look thermoplastic floor finish. Fast drying, highly buffable, easy leveling, excellent flexibility. A must for all high speed and conventional floor care systems. Designed for ease of application by any personnel.

Non-Buff / Maximum Wear Sealer / Finish

This superior 23% floor finish is ideal for areas which receive little to no polishing or buffing. Utilizing MPS77 Advanced Technology, WITHSTAND provides a dramatic wet-look gloss from fewer coats, with long term gloss retention. Easy to apply; reduces labor costs. Classified by Underwriters Laboratories® for slip resistance.

Ultra High Speed Sealer / Finish

A very tough, ultra high speed, long lasting sealer / finish utilizing integrated fusion polymer technology (IFP) to create a flexible film that offers outstanding leveling with long term gloss retention in a user friendly formulation.