Low Foam Neutral Cleaner

Low foaming, free rinsing, detergent concentrate, designed for floor finish maintenance. Also excellent for cleaning no-wax floors, polished marble and terrazzo. Pleasant citrus fragrance. Neutral pH.

Neutral Floor Cleaner

An alkaline-free cleaner designed for maintaining wet-look gloss floor finishes. Low to moderate foaming, this balanced detergent formula emulsifies soils for easy film free cleaning. May be used through an automatic scrubber. Fresh lemon fragrance provides a pleasant scent.

Deodorizing Neutral Cleaner

A user friendly neutral cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in a single operation. Especially designed for floor care maintenance. This low foaming cleaner emulsifies soils and is completely rinse free and chelated so that it is effective in hard water conditions. Contains a clean, fresh Purí fragrance. Classified by UL® for slip resistance.

Neutral Floor Finish Maintainer & Concentrate

Superior cleaner and reconditioner that is a must for modern floor care systems. Requires no rinsing, restores the original gloss and leaves no alkaline residue and leaves behind a Giane™ fresh scent. Neutral pH range cleaner. USDA approved class A-1.

Floor Care pH Neutralizer and Concentrate

Ideal for use with all alkaline based strippers, this mild acid formula balances pH on floor to remove residue and aid in proper floor finish adhesion. Can be used with mop and bucket, sprayer or through an automatic scrubber. Also removes residue from entrances caused by application of ice melting compounds.

Scrub & Recoat Cleaner

QWIK-SCRUB is a heavy-duty, water based cleaning concentrate designed for scrub / re-coat maintenance procedures. It is ideal for use in automatic scrubbers equipped with proper floor pad or brush. Using a neutral pH range formulation, QWIK-SCRUB aggressively removes embedded soils and scuffs in upper layers of finish film, and prepares the surface for re-coating with a minimum of rinsing, saving time and labor.

Environmentally Responsible pH Neutral Cleaner

A concentrated, daily use pH neutral cleaner exhibits rapid wetting and quick emulsification. This environmentally responsible formulation does not contain the following ingredients: Nonylphenol Ethoxylate Surfactants, phosphates, chelating agents, butyl or glycol ether solvents, silicates or dyes.