Buffing Compounds

High Speed Mop On Restorer

A thermoplastic restorer designed to be used for ultra-high speed burnishing. Fortifies the floor finish and enhances the gloss. Dilute 1:4, mop on floor and allow to dry, then burnish. Rejuvenates floor finish to prevent powdering.

Environmentally Responsible Spray Buff / Restorer

This product is a multi-purpose spray-buff/restorer that rejuvenates the floor finish surface. This versatile formula can be used as a spray buff, a mop-on restorer or through an automatic scrubber, producing a deep wet-look gloss.

This is an environmentally responsible formulation and does not contain the following ingredients: heavy metals, Nonylphenol Ethoxylate Surfactants or environmentally toxic preservatives.

Ultra High Speed Kleen & Burnish

Specifically designed for use with High Speed / UHS equipment. This thermal reactive solution can be used by mop on restoration or applied by an automatic scrubber. Leaves floor with a dramatic deep wet look gloss.

Interactive Floor Finish Laminator & Maintainer

An interactive blend of cleaners, penetrants, gloss enhancers and moisturizers that work together to laminate the floor finish surface. This versatile product can be used by mop-on restoration method, spray buffing or through an auto scrubber. Outstanding gloss and durability are its hallmark.